Creative solution-focused corporate training that uses improvisation to engage, enthuse and retain


The Offer Bank works with you to create more confident, collaborative, creative teams in your workplace



Improvisation in the workplace will unlock potential, encourage communication and create a culture of entrepreneurial thinking

Based in London but working across the UK and internationally, The Offer Bank pushes a workforce to be the best version of itself — without making the sessions feel too risky. Expect much laughter and many hidden skills to emerge during our unique workshops.

Recent Work


Come with us and find out just what The Offer Bank does and how our Huddle 2018 went. On Nov 15 at Huddle 2018, organised by Mindshare_UK we were delighted to led a fun, physical improv session putting participants back on the path to divergent thinking.


The Offer Bank teaches the teachers! Victoria Hogg ran a session at Dulwich Prep London, where she implemented play and creativity skills in a fun and imaginative afternoon. Victoria now teaches improvisation as an after-school club to the pupils.


The Offer Bank’s Francesca Reid is a core member of the Flying Seagulls charity and works internationally with young refugees. The precariousness informs her expertise on play, confidence and resilience in corporate settings.


Commanding Your Audience Through Improv Comedy. Learn how to ‘own the room’ and feel more comfortable about public speaking with Victoria Hogg at the illustrious Goldsmiths College. Booking now.




Workshops include:








I loved this workshop. It helped me be more open and listen better to what others were saying. I would do it again!
— Participant, 
Collaboration, Pageant Media
This workshop has really opened my eyes and allowed me to empathise more
— Participant, 
Dreamland Staff Training
The benefits are tenfold for any production company. Especially being able to relate to the actors as teammates and understand their processes. Everyone works more organically now.
— Kishore Verma, 
Film Professor, Royal Holloway
Victoria has demonstrated 100 per cent commitment and reliability. She is a fantastic team player; simultaneously flexible and a tower of strength.
— Julia Lewis, 
Cub School Training Programme,
I knew it would be a challenge being so out of my comfort zone but I feel empowered and more in control for surrendering control.
— Student, 
Beginner’s Comedy Improv,