The Offer Bank helps teams become more confident, collaborative and creative in a supportive, risk-free environment

Using play and flow theory alongside broad, extensive practical experience, The Offer Bank specialises in safe space and agency to make your teams and individuals their best versions in the workplace.


The Offer Bank Partnership:

Victoria Hogg The Offer Bank.jpg

Vic Hogg

Victoria Hogg is an applied theatre and improvisation practitioner specialising in safe space, resilience and group dynamic.

Vic grounds sessions in social science sub-genres (psychology, sociology and verbal / non-verbal communication). She uses Keith Johnstone’s impro, commedia dell’arte and forum theatre techniques to problem-solve.

Positive change by stealth: Vic melds extensive improv comedy training with flow theory to deliver sessions that her participants find ‘low risk’ in the room but which create positive change in hours.

Vic’s ongoing work with elders, visually impaired adults and adults with learning disabilities gives her a broad perspective and flexibility.

Vic gained an MA in Applied Theatre from Goldsmiths College in 2016 and teaches her popular Commanding Your Audience Through Improvisation Comedy course there. She also teaches for Hoopla Impro.

Vic’s free weekly comedy improv show, Duck Duck Goose, keeps her teaching grounded, relevant and fresh.

Francesca Reid The Offer Bank.jpg

Fran Reid

Francesca Reid is an applied theatre and improvisation practitioner specialising in discovery through play and organic resolution of trauma through creativity.

Fran complements her extensive corporate training experience with clown, commedia dell’arte, playback, forum theatre and spoken word techniques to create positive group dynamics.

Reach your best potential: Fran combines Johnstonian impro and Chicago improv training with her long-term experience of working with young people to cement creative, confident collaborations.

Fran’s ongoing work with refugees, children, young offenders and special educational needs groups keeps her delivery flexible and broad-reaching.

Francesca is a presenter, singer, comedian and actor alumna of East 15 acting school. She also coaches and performs improv comedy at various UK and European festivals and for Monkey Toast UK.

Fran’s comedy drag-king superstar alter-ego Brent Would (and improv team: Bareback Kings) helps her implement cutting-edge, ‘low risk/high reward’ principles.