Improv Fun-Oh-One: Play Your Way To Divergent Thinking!

In this era of the Attention Economy, the pressure to ‘get it right’ first time while navigating information overload – whether in business or in today’s wider society – has never been so high. Many blue-chip companies are pushed to pursue instant ‘convergent’ or solutions-based thought-processes – meaning a loss of wider potential. This ‘time is money’ attitude is understandable in today’s economy but it’s been proven to stifle the potential of any individual or team in terms of both creativity and, crucially, a wider understanding of – or even future relationships with – clients and consumers. There’s a real danger of missing the best opportunities; opportunities that are only discovered through relaxed exploration and a healthy attitude to risk-taking. Innovative companies in today’s creative, analytical and corporate sectors, in fact, are making the best possible choices at the last possible moment. 

So, not many workforces get the chance to ‘think smarter, not harder’ or to explore their true creative potential with confidence. But what happens when we are encouraged to take more risks and ‘fail harder’? It’s proven that we actually fly higher. In fact, futurists predict that the inevitable increase of automation and technology means the USP of most companies will be charismatic, creative and flexible human interaction. 

Enter The Offer Bank. This London-based consultancy unlocks the potential of your workforce through improvisation comedy. Using physical techniques, sociological theory and a bedrock of years of theatre and improv training, The Offer Bank unlocks your teams’ creativity, inspires greater confidence and instils better collaborations through play.

By Victoria Hogg, Offer Bank Co-Founder. This blog was posted in anticipation of the Mindshare UK Huddle 2018. Thanks to Mindshare UK and Simpatico PR who made the day so brilliant - and thanks also, of course, to our fantastic participants.