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Be The Professional Networker

Build social capital; retain your business credibility

Perfect for teams who want to reach out to a current or future client base in an effortless way. This option hooks participants into the client’s mind-set and confidently build social capital. Using improv to help make and maintain life-long contacts in an authentic way, you’ll be on the front foot so you can approach clients with charisma and a sense of collaboration. Whether you’re extrovert, introvert or inexperienced/rusty, we help you find an authentic voice and push relationship buttons that matter.

Find Your
Business Voice

Empowerment: be authentic, not a fraud

For those who want to say what they mean and mean what they say. We bring out the best version of you so that your audience is on your side and in your camp. We build resilience and increase confidence through improvisation so that everyone is empowered and actively excited to offer their point of view. We dispel negative feelings such as ‘imposter syndrome’ and instil authentic ownership of personal brand and public persona. Ideal for teams who are less used to presentation or who run on a less client-facing model of interaction.

Be A Confident
Public Speaker

Push past the fear of presenting and thrive

This is for anyone who’d rather go skydiving than take to the lectern as you face and defeat your inner saboteur. This option develops personal strategies against the fight or flight response and brings ownership to even the most daunting of addresses. This will be part of your arsenal when delivering a presentation, that truly represents your concept, skill or passion. We equip you, using improvisation know-how, with the skills to captivate audiences.


Create Your
Own Culture

Great organisations retain teams: vision meets culture

People seek positions in companies where they are inspired by its outlook but they stay because of a culture that is enjoyable, inspirational and encourages professional and personal growth. Whether you're starting a company or have taken one on, this is an option that will help your team visualise the culture you wish to implement and give you the techniques to allow employee engagement to be sustainable and flourish.


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